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Prefix and Suffix

Prefix and Suffix

Adding prefixes and suffices can be a fun way to add a flare to your special name.

See the Sikh Naming Convention and Meaning of Sikh Names Sections on the main page for additional information.
  • These names can be used by themselves or combined with other names for something creative!
  • For multiple syllable name try the following prefixes or suffixes with your choice of name.
  • Go ahead and try a variation!  Some people like a two or three syllable name, for example, Tegh Bir Singh or Kirit Niranjan Kaur.
Aman, Amar, Akal, Anand
Bal, Ban, Bin, BindBir, Baan
Dal, Das, DayalDev, Deen/Din, Deep/Dip, Dil
Gun, Gur
Har, HaranHari
Jag, Jal, Jap/JaapJasJeet, Jit, Jeer, Jeev, Jinder, JodhJot,
KalKamal, Kav, Kirat, Kul
Leen, Liv
Man, Meet, Mehar/Meher
Naam, NarNirNit/Neet
Rab, RamanRan, Reet/Rit
SatSach, Sur
Leen/Lin, Lok
Pal, Prab, Pratap, Preet/Prit, Pritam
Rab, Raj, Reet, Roop
Sat, Sim
Taj, Tan, Teg/Tegh, Tej
VarVant, Vasi, VinVeer
YadYar, Yas, Yash, Yudh

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