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Need a Name? Let's Get Started!

1. Take Online Hukam and get a letter for Naam Karan.

2. Look up names by English or Gurmukhi letters from the menu.

Fun Suggestion: Start with the base word and then add commonly used prefix or suffix. Go ahead and try a variation. Some people like a two or three syllable name, for example, Tegh Bir Singh or Kirit Niranjan Kaur.

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If you would like to help or volutneer in being an associate editor to this blog, please let us know. You skills in the following areas would be especially helpful.

1. Updating blog
2. Editing existing entries for accuracy
3. Cross check references and sources to expand meanings
4. Translate and transliterate in English/Gurmukhi/Hindi or other languages
5. Add audio, video recordings to supplement pronunciation
6. Any other ideas you have are welcomed!

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