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English: Kaur

Gurmukhi: ਕੌਰ
Hindi: कौर

Meaning: Prince (singular) ,  Kuir: Princes (Plural), The Crown Prince (as an emphasis on equality.  The word literally means son, or Prince and not "princess" as the common misconception and interpretation)

Punjabi Pronunciation of the word Kaur 🗣

Spiritual Significance 📖

Ang 417 Line 9 Raag Asa: Guru Nanak Dev
or Go to Shabad
ਬਾਬਰਵਾਣੀ ਫਿਰਿ ਗਈ ਕੁਇਰੁ ਨ ਰੋਟੀ ਖਾਇ ॥੫॥
Baabaravaanee Fir Gee Kueir N Rottee Khaae ||5||
बाबरवाणी फिरि गई कुइरु न रोटी खाइ ॥५॥
Since Baabar's rule has been proclaimed, even the princes have no food to eat. ||5||

Historical Significance

In 1699, Sikh Women were given the last name 'Kaur' and Men 'Singh' by Guru Gobind Singh, the tenth Guru of the Sikhs.  This initiate intended to end the caste system, social stratification and much of the apparatus of then Indian ritual and legalism.  In Indian society, an individual's name reveals his or her caste, and Sikhs were freed from the caste system by having all men incorporate Singh in their names and all women, Kaur.  Based on the premises of gender equality,  Kaur was also given to Sikh Women to establish an identity independent of their father or husband.  The world itself, literally means son or prince.  Guru Nanak had already elevated the social status of women.  Guru Gobind Singh Ji elevated the socio-economic and political status of women to that of royalty.  Sikh women shoulder the responsibility of furthering the next generation so rightfully so, they are equal inheritatns to their culture and to the future of the Panth.  Sikh women do not need to take their husband's last name and establishes their equal cultural footing in a traditionally patriachial society. 
Some may generally and unknowlingly assume that the name means Princess.  A prince however, has a claim to the proverbial throne, inheritance, social and fianancial equity.  Thus, a Kaur is rightfully a Crown Prince.  

Since nearly all Sikh names are gender neutral, the name Singh or Kaur will specify the gender of the child.  A male is a Singh and a female is a Kaur.  Welcome to the social revolution started by Guru Nanak Dev ji and formalized by Guru Gobind Singh Ji, nearly 500 years ago.


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