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What is the meaning of this?

Meaning of a Name

If you ever asked yourself these questions, you have come to the right place?

  • What is the meaning of my Sikh name?
  • Does my name come from Gurbani?
  • Does my name have a spiritually significant meaning?
  • How do I write my name in Gurmukh?
  • How do I pronounce my name?

It is noteworthy that several translated works of the Guru Granth Sahib exist. By the virtue of being human, we would think that unintentional assertion of one’s own bias or preconceived notion may influence the translated meaning. Most importantly, we would ask the readers, what does the word or the name mean to YOU. Gurbani is experiential and if you are enlightened, then share that with us. We would love to improve our and understanding of Gurbani and understand your perspective.
Although we have attempted to cross-check meanings using multiple sources and not just rely on our own interpretation or inexperience. There may be a higher meaning still in the names chosen and we encourage you to explore a deeper and a more meaningful association with your name.

If you are in a rush and your name has not been added to his site, then please go ahead and write to us at info(a)sikhnames(dot)com.

Some words have multiple meanings which may change depending on the context. We would highly recommend finding the word of choice in the Guru Granth Sahib which may be more enlightening than the naive translation provided here. Words mean more than what we understand. It is, after all, Dhur the Bani. The meaning may change depending on the context of use.

Some names listed here may not be directly or pure derivatives from Gurbani, but rather a combination of words derived from Gurbani. The meaning is supposed unless referenced to the Gurbani. If no reference is indicated, then our best guestimate is listed as the meaning. As you guessed by now, there may be several possible meanings of each name. Punjabi pronunciation can change the meaning. However, English spelling does not change the meaning.

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